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School faculty and staff are listed below with the grade level and/or position held.  If the staff member has a website, the link will be listed to the right.
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NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsiteTwitter
NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsiteTwitter
Amy Carson acarson@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher   
Barbara Purcell bpurcell@burke.k12.nc.us First Grade Teacher   
Jennifer Wright jwright@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher Assistant   
Joanna Heilman jheilman@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher Assistant   
Robin Chester rchester@burke.k12.nc.us Data Manager   
Stacy Suttles srsuttles@burke.k12.nc.us PreK Teacher Assistant   
BJ Deal bjdeal@burke.k12.nc.us Second Grade Teacher   
Monique St. Louis mstlouis@burke.k12.nc.us Fifth Grade Teacher   
Tracy Moulton tmoulton@burke.k12.nc.us Fourth Grade Teacher   
Leslie Cline lcline@burke.k12.nc.us Third Grade Teacher   
Tonya Cozort tcozort@burke.k12.nc.us Second Grade Teacher   
Chad Nichols cnichols@burke.k12.nc.us Head Custodian   
Jonathan Dameron jdameron@burke.k12.nc.us Physical Education Teacher   
Kaying Yang kyang@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant   
Kim Perry kperry@burke.k12.nc.us Title I Teacher   
Sylvia Phillips sphillips@burke.k12.nc.us Secretary/Bookkeeper   
Mary Hartman mhartman@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher   
Teresa Castellaw tcastellaw@burke.k12.nc.us Instructional Technology Facilitator   
Caryl Herrick cherrick@burke.k12.nc.us School Counselor VES Counselor  
Rebecca McClure rmcclure@burke.k12.nc.us Cafeteria Manager   
Carol Brinkley cbrinkley@burke.k12.nc.us K-5 EC Teacher   
  School Nurse   
Rhonda Burgess rburgess@burke.k12.nc.us Third Grade Teacher   
Taylor McCroskey taylormccroskey@burke.k12.nc.us Fourth Grade Teacher   
Erin Wall ewall@burke.k12.nc.us Instructional Coach   
Donielle Rector drector@burke.k12.nc.us ESL   
Amber Gersch ambergersch@burke.k12.nc.us Speech   
Lisa Nichols lnichols@burke.k12.nc.us Media Coordinator  @VESMediaCenter 
Jeri Banghart jbanghart@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  @MrsBsKinders 
Crystal Stephens cstephens@burke.k12.nc.us First Grade Teacher  @VESFirsties 
Teresa Pruitt tpruitt@burke.k12.nc.us Second Grade Teacher  @Pruittstigers 
Denise Cooper drcooper@burke.k12.nc.us Third Grade Teacher  @coopers3rd 
Brittany Schafer bschafer@burke.k12.nc.us Music Teacher  @Musical_Tigers 
Stormi Bingham sbingham@burke.k12.nc.us Fifth Grade Teacher  @stormibingham 
Holly Thomas hthomas@burke.k12.nc.us Fourth Grade Teacher  @HollyThomas2218 
Jessica Thompson jessicathompson@burke.k12.nc.us PreK Teacher  @VESPreK 
Lauren Whitson lwhitson@burke.k12.nc.us First Grade Teacher  @Whitson_Firstie 
Showing 37 items